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Kimchi is way too salty

It's been a few months since I've made kimchi. I tried this week using the WF recipe. I tasted it today after 3 days of fermenting, and it's way way way too salty. I vaguely recall reading here that there's a common recipe published using tablespoons of salt but folks here use teaspoons instead. Is this the kimchi?
I took the kimchi out of the frig and and set it on the counter. It's in a glass jar with a lid. If I leave it on the counter, will the saltiness eventually go away? Should I leave the lid on or remove it? How can I save this?

I haven't read anything about making kimchi on this board, but I make it regularly (when not pregnant) and it's never too salty. My method is to wash all the cabbage leaves (or turnip or whatever I'm using), put them in a big metal bowl sprinkling salt over liberally. After a few hours, I rinse each leaf thoroughly to make sure I get all the salt off. Then I get my seasonings, put on my plastic gloves and mix thoroughly. I put it in a jar, set it in my sink for a day and then put it in the fridge. How did you make yours?
I don't think the saltiness will go away. I think the only way you can possibly save it, depending on just how salty it is is to use it in soups or for fried rice or something like that.

There've been a number of kimchi threads (lately: ) though I don't remember if over-salt was brought up... (try searching for either kimchi or kimchee) You might try simply adding more prepped vegies to your mix to even it out.
when I brined olives they ended up too salty so I just watered the brine down - not exactly the same as kimchi but...?
My kimchi recipe utilizes a "base" of rice flour (cooked in water to a porridge-like consistency not unlike cream of rice) to which I add the peppers and some fish sauce as well as the garlic and ginger. If your recipe has a "base" such as this, consider simply adding some more (that's unsalted) to your crock.
As time goes on it'll get more sour, which might mask saltiness and I wouldn't be surprised if the lacto-bacteriadudes use the salt, though I guess that wouldn't actually change the *sodium* content....
ok, enough ramble!

I don't make kimchi, but I eat one by a brand called rejuvanitive foods. It has NEVER been too salty for me. Maybe you can go to their website and look at the label for ingredients? They also make a bangin' green salsa.... mmmmmmmm.

Thanks for your replies. My tastes seem off lately. I made the kimchi by putting my veggies in a brine of 4 c water and 4 T salt (about 2 lbs cabbage). It's actually divided into 2 jars. I think I'll set one on the counter and leave the other in the frig and see how it changes. At times I taste it and it's very unpalatable with salt; other times it tastes salty but edible. Maybe it's me that's off?

When she was teaching me how to make kimchi, my Korean MIL really reiterated the importance of rinsing your cabbage after it was in the saltwater, otherwise it would be too salty and according to her it would be ruined. Like a PP mentioned, I rinse each cabbage leaf individually and it comes out great.

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